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Error when loading translation [CX] Translation initialization failed
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  1. Visit:
  2. Open DevTools.


[CX] Translation initialization failed.

Note this is also a translation which the owner is not able to save. On her side she gets:

TypeError: this.translationView.categoryUI is null

PS: Would be much easier if one would be able to switch to source view and just copy the wikicode. Would at least be able to workaround errors. And also would be able to fix some problems faster (e.g. remove/fix/rename a template etc)

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Hi @Nux, thanks for taking the time to report this!
Is this the same as T244114? If it is, then please feel free to Edit Related Tasks...Close As Duplicate in the upper right corner.

If it is not the same, can you post the developer tools output by using (note the debug=true)? Thanks!

Not sure if its a duplicate. On my side the problem is different (I cannot load the translation, not save it).

Developer tools output you ask for (FF 73)

Błąd mapy źródła: Error: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
URL zasobu: moz-extension://86c35775-8432-41f3-95c5-e30b60b97221/browser-polyfill.min.js
URL mapy źródła:

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed with logging active, version 3.1.0 jquery.migrate.js:81:17
Ta strona używa niestandardowej właściwości „zoom”. Rozważ użycie calc() w odpowiednich wartościach właściwości lub użycie „transform” wraz z „transform-origin: 0 0”. Special:ContentTranslation
Initiating WDsearch load.php:2653:16
JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.delegate() is deprecated jquery.migrate.js:114:12
[CX] Fetching Source page... load.php:2653:16
[CX] Checking existing translation... load.php:2653:16
[CX] Existing translation found. But owned by another translator load.php:2653:16
[CX] Translation initialization failed.
    jQuery 2
[CX] Initializing translation tool system

Note that I made sure my personal scripts are not loaded. I disabled running my vector.js and common.js on the ContentTranslation page.

It is expected that you cannot load translations started by others. It should display a nice error though.

Pginer-WMF subscribed.

This is expected not to be relevant once T298244 is completed.