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DHCP routing issue with civi2001
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It looks like the dhcp relay is misrouting requests from the new civi2001 server. The symptom is that the dhcp server sees the dhcpdiscover request coming from rather than Here's a dhcpdiscover request from a host that works correctly in the same vlan (frack-fundraising-codfw):

DHCPDISCOVER from 4c:d9:8f:a0:19:aa via

Here's the one from civi2001:

DHCPDISCOVER from 4c:d9:8f:aa:77:b4 via network no free leases

Papaul double-checked and the interfaces are in frack-fundraising-codfw as they should be. I confirmed the dhcp configuration and tested virtualbox, with the DHCP request routed via it responds correctly.

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Configuration looks good on the switch and router. This will need to be live troubleshooted, when the client is sending DHCP requests.

First step is to run
show ethernet-switching table interface ge-0/0/14
show ethernet-switching table | match 4c:d9:8f:aa:77:b4 on the switch to make sure the host is going in the proper vlan.

show arp no-resolve | match 4c:d9:8f:aa:77:b4
On the router for the same thing.

A tcpdump capture might be useful as well on the DHCP server (


ayounsi assigned this task to Papaul.Mar 4 2020, 3:56 PM

At bootup that MAC shows up on ge-1/0/9

ayounsi@fasw-c-codfw> show ethernet-switching table | match 4c:d9:8f:aa:77:b4 
    frack-payments-codfw 4c:d9:8f:aa:77:b4  D             -   ge-1/0/9.0       
ayounsi@fasw-c-codfw> show interfaces ge-1/0/9      
Physical interface: ge-1/0/9, Enabled, Physical link is Up
  Description: payments2002-a:eth1
  Last flapped   : 2020-03-04 15:51:18 UTC (00:01:20 ago)

So maybe cabling issue?

Papaul added a comment.Mar 4 2020, 7:33 PM

@ayounsi thanks for the troubleshooting I will look into this tomorrow.

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This is fixed. eth0 cable was connected to payments2002 eth1

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