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[Microtask] Collect feedback on the Docker development environment from GSoC & Outreachy candidates
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Note: As this task can have multiple contributors, do not claim this task. More feedback, the better!

A new and simple Docker development environment for MediaWiki core has been recently made available:

As this development environment intends to keep the setup process for newcomers easy, it might benefit directly from newcomers feedback :)

This is a microtask for all GSoC and Outreachy candidates:

  • Set up the MediaWiki development environment via Docker
  • Share your feedback on the setup process or documentation in a comment on this task

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Hello, This is Monil Bhavsar, a 3rd Year Undergraduate Student pursuing Computer Engineering at L.D. College of Engineering. I am looking forward to contribute to MediaWiki this Summer.

Earlier I set up a MediaWiki Project on my macOS system using vagrant environment, It required me to download vagrant and VirtualBox 6.0. Also I encountered some version dependencies errors too.

Meanwhile with Docker, it's quick and I only need to download Docker for desktop, and I am good to go. The Documentation is up to the mark and good for newcomers. Anyone who is new to docker can also set up the application with the help of this documentation.


  1. In the Documentation, In the Prerequisite section, Docker & Docker Compose are required, But for latest macOS and Windows, Remote Docker Application contains compose, so there's no need to separately install compose. Though Linux users still need to separately install docker compose.
  1. It would be better for newcomers, if Fresh Documentation( link is provided in the documentation as it's required for selenium and API testing.


I've installed it on my Ubuntu 19.10 laptop. For me, there was some default sudo configuration quirkiness with docker which caused me some problems after the installation as MediaWiki was unable to access the database, after a chat over at the #mediawiki IRC, following these instructions and reinstalling the MediaWiki instances helped solve the problem. 😄 After installation, it was pretty smooth and very familiar since I use MediaWiki-docker-dev as my daily dev environment.

It would be great if you could guys could document the sudo problem in the troubleshooting section. Also, an optional installation script like that of MediaWiki-docker-dev would be great :)

Overall, the install process was very smooth and easy compared to the vagrant setup (which I have tried and failed to do earlier). I especially liked the phpunit setup being just one command over the mediawiki-docker-dev setup which I couldn't get running properly...

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Sorry for the Phabricator spam just now; thanks very much for collecting feedback. :)

Hi, my name is Hugo, a third year Computer Engineering student and GSoC aspirant.

I have done the installation of the development environment using Vagrant on Windows. I found the process quite simple for anyone who wants to start collaborating on Wikimedia, finding no inconvenience in the setup process.

The only comment I would make would be to perhaps put the steps for Windows and other operating systems together in specific Quick starts, so that I don't have to read the instructions between sections (this avoids scrolling to see operating system specific instructions) and avoids confusion.

Hello, this is Ojo Aanuoluwapo from Nigeria an Outreachy Applicant.

I was finnaly able to setup the development environment on my Ubuntu on Cloud9 after several failed attempt on my Windows machine due to poor network connectivity. The process is simple but it requires good internet to download and setup docker and later clone the whole repo,

I would suggest if there could be an option to clone few branches from the repo.

Hello I have been trying to setup the docker install for days and I keep getting the same error on Ubuntu 18.04

prondubuisi@prondubuisi:~/gitrepos/mediawikid$ docker-compose up -d
Creating network "mediawikid_default" with the default driver
Pulling mediawiki (
0.1.1: Pulling from dev/stretch-php72-fpm-apache2-xdebug
fae6c542f7a1: Downloading
  2.33MB/19.65MBwnload complete
b231067dc468: Downloading
57fb5bae16b5: Download complete
1684ef30dd73: Downloading
20045f8ca69d: Downloading
fcd523a7bc52: Downloading
fd41b4666fe1: Downloading
180ad9b83e91: Waiting
8140e89f6c60: Waiting
fbade274aa55: Waiting
e2d44de2ce21: Waiting
260a7c32247b: Waiting
4984c5abe1fa: Waiting
a488989321d1: Waiting
4c26c0abae40: Waiting
ERROR: net/http: TLS handshake timeout

This is surely as a result of slow internet connection. I think the docker install should be optimized for areas with not so fast internet speed.

PS I was able to do the vagrant install with the same internet connection and I have a couple of other docker installations. Like @Nocodes I am checking out the installation from Nigeria

@Prondubuisi sorry to hear that, we are working on making the image size smaller in T245443: dev-images: reorganize to reduce various image sizes; if you are interested you can follow that task and try again when work is completed.

This comment was removed by Prondubuisi.

@Prondubuisi sorry to hear that, we are working on making the image size smaller in T245443: dev-images: reorganize to reduce various image sizes; if you are interested you can follow that task and try again when work is completed.

Sure @kostajh , following already!

@Prondubuisi by the way, are you behind a proxy? might have some suggestions.

No. I am not behind any proxy

Hello everyone , My name is Gaurav and i am trying to setup my enviroment using docker from last two days . A error is coming again and again saying "Unable to find Composer.json in var/www/html/" after running a command "docker-compose exec mediawiki composer update" .
I also created a task regarding this issue T248624

operating systerm : Windows 7

@srishakatux Candidacy phase is over. Should this task remain open? If yes, what exactly is left to do here and by who?

Might be @kostajh can help here! Is there any feedback from this task that needs to be documented somewhere? If not, is it okay if we close this task now?

kostajh claimed this task.

@srishakatux I think we can close this, a lot of the feedback ended up in specific tasks in the MediaWiki-Docker project which resulted in various fixes to documentation. Thanks!