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Understand the technical needs of Indic communities via a survey
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This task is about understanding the technical needs & challenges of Indic community members as contributors to their language wiki.
This will help shape and guide the planned workshop in India in June 2020.

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srishakatux created this task.

In December of 2019, a survey was conducted by community members who are planning WikiConference in India end of this year: We took advantage of this survey to ask 3 questions that were to understand the technical challenges the community members face and skills they would like to learn. The responses were super helpful and informed us what a small technical workshop in India (that we are currently planning on) should cover. Responses from the survey are in here (till we find a better venue):

In a nutshell, Writing user scripts and gadgets, Wikidata queries, developing bots, using Phabricator and developing Lua-based templates are the top five technical skills (in order) contributors want to learn.

(as there is nothing more left to do here, closing this)