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deployment-puppetmaster04 disc use exploding
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I restarted the box and deleted /var/log/syslog and …daemon.log and …debug; after less than 20 minutes they're over 1G each again.

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Not quite sure what's blowing up exactly. The log has huge numbers of comments about hiera, but some level of that is normal, right?

… and an hour later it's now disk full again. :-(

@hashar points out that the last puppet commit is suspicious: (993ad5c932) root - scap: enable logging to syslog / T227080 / I4fbaca635b18b1f2493d2d4b3755615ded794626. Maybe that's causing puppet to run in very verbose mode and so break?

Oh, yeah, thanks James. This turned out to be an uncommented debug line lurking in /usr/share/puppet/rack/puppet-master/