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Pie chart is missing on the WMCS Edits dashboard
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As per the config here, for the hierarchical view in T226663, we show the last 60 months' data.

In a scenario, where the difference between the last two date outputs is more than 60, the pie chart goes missing. Currently, the last time the data generated was for January and outputted as 2020-01-01, so clearly, it has been more than 60 days since. As the new data now get generated every month on the 4th, maybe when the ReportUpdater generates the data for February and outputs it as 2020-02-01 (which might be anytime soon), this view will be functional again. Not sure what the workaround would be here. Maybe change showLastDays for the hierarchical view to 90 in the config?

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 5.49.09 PM.png (1×2 px, 177 KB)

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@mforns related to our conversation this morning. Realized there is more to it :)

Hi @srishakatux,
I'm sorry we're getting so many issues (even if small) with this dashboard.
I changed to 64 the showLastDays offset of the sunburst chart, so it can always show some data.
Now, there's another problem, not related to your reports or dashboard:
We've recently moved the reports to another host (stat1007.eqiad.wmnet -> an-launcher1001.eqiad.wmnet).
I checked in the new host, and the reports are updated fine!
So, it seems that the rsync to is not working.
Will look into that.

OK, the problem is fixed now!
Thanks @elukey

srishakatux awarded a token.

Thank you very much @mforns and @elukey :)