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An attempt to add structure data on Commons results in a wrong item
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If I try to use standard interface on Commons (after the upload, or later) to add P180, and there are several items with the same name, I do not necessarily get what I need. For example, on File:Hay River below Alexandra Falls 2.jpg the property P180 must have value Q2231 (Hay River: river), and not Q1013062 (Hat River, town). When I choose Hat River - river from the dropdown menue, or even if I add Q2231 to the prompt, I still get Q1013062 selected. The discussion Commons talk:Structured data#Bug in adding structured data? shows that other users have the same issue (oddly, all of us are Dutch).

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Ymblanter updated the task description. (Show Details)

Hi Matthias, is the same issue as T246918 (which already has a patch in progress)?

Yes, this is the same as T246918 and should be fixed on next deployment (Wed)