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[BetaCommons] Structured Data added by anonymous users not displaying properly
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Something strange is happening on BetaCommons when statements are added by anonymous users. The value shows up initially, but after a page reload it is no longer visible. However, logged-in users can see the data correctly.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. go to a file (on betacommons) as a logged-out user and add a statement
  2. reload the page. You should see it but you don't
  3. now log in. The value is there.
  4. Log out and it's gone again

Actual Results:

  • Newly added statement does not display after a hard refresh of the page

Expected Results:

  • Value should be visible after a hard refresh to both logged in and anon users

Link to reproduce:

(This file contains a statement of "Depicts: Dog" that was added by an anon user. Logged in users can see it, logged-out users cannot).

Note that purging the page cache manually does not seem to fix this problem.

Event Timeline

I was able to reproduce this ~30min ago.
When loading a file logged out (= page gets cached), adding a statement, and reloading the page, the statement was not visible, but (stale) cache was served.
When loading a file logged in (= so no anon view would populate cache) and adding a statement, then logging out, the statement was then visible immediately (there was no cache to serve)
It seemed like caches did not get purged, not after having submitted the statements, and not after manually action=purgeing.

I am unable to reproduce now, though - caches seem to behave fine ATM. Will check again later today.

T247078 seems to be a caching thing, so maybe related?