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Update reference styling for Mobile HTML work on Android
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01) Default state (collapsed)02) References expanded03) Tapping on reference [1] within reference list04) Tapping on reference [1] within article


  • 01) Sections should be collapsed by default
  • 02)
    • Reference numbers over 999 are truncated. See example [..23]
    • Tapping a reference from the list leads to the view in 03)
  • 03)
    • Highlighting of references works like the current “Find in page” functionality on Android
    • Tapping the reference link in the app bar leads users back to where they came from (the reference list)
  • 04)
    • Reference details functionality stays the same with a slight style change (brackets for numbers list).


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Looks good @Sharvaniharan, a few minor things:

01) Increase tap area to at least 48dp in height

02) Remove references icon:

03) Can you change the reference list highlight to orange after tapping “References [1]” in the app bar? (to be consistent with single reference highlights)

04) Increase reference number list tap area to at least 48dp x 48 dp (CC: @JoeWalsh)


Dbrant closed this task as Resolved.Apr 16 2020, 2:30 PM