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Character encoding is incorrect in Subject and sender fields for e-mail sent from the Fakturamodule
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Originally: The e-mail accompanying the invoices has incorrect character encoding. E.g. "Dags att förnya ditt medlemskap i Wikimedia Sverige 2020" becomes "Dags att förnya ditt medlemskap i Wikimedia Sverige 2020". The content of the e-mail is correctly encoded. Similarly the encoding of the sender name can become wrong e.g. "Stig Ekström". This does not seem to be an issue with mass emails sent from other modules nor individual emails sent from the Faktura module.
Request: Fix the encoding issue
Status: Requested

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Zynatic identified and fixed an error which could be responsible for this. Unfortunately it's not easily tested if it is now working as individual e-mails didn't seem to trigger it before either.

@Maria_Burehall_WMSE Can you keep an eye open when we are sending future invoices to see if this issue remains?