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Update outdated ElectronPdfService Extension page to reflect the switch to Proton
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Someone who understands our PDF stack should update

According to T161312#5345543, "Electron is being (has been, for the most part) undeployed; ElectronPdfRenderer now links to Proton." however that page does not mention Proton at all, and there is probably more to review, e.g. "Installation" section mentions "Electron Service".

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I believe this is maintained by Wikimedia Germany?

Right, lists "WMDE Engineering" for ElectronPDFService.

However, links to which states that "The WMF Reading team took over the responsibility for the long term maintenance and planning of PDF rendering."

@JTannerWMF can I leave this one with you to work out who's responsibility this patch lies with? This has become a little confusing as a while back we were asked to help out but I'm not sure if just because we touched it last we are now the maintainers. Olga and Sam would be able to give more details.

Could someone who understands this area please confirm/correct my understanding, so it could become possible to clean up abandoned confusing documentation (in theory)? Thanks in advance.

@Aklapper - that's correct. The extension is still called ElectronPdfService, but it currently uses the Proton rendering service (the Electron rendering service is now sunset). PDF rendering, I believe this is currently supported by the Product Infrastructure team. @sdkim - can you confirm?). I think the easiest way to fix this would be to change the links to the Electron Service to the Proton service within

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Hi @Aklapper, I am confirming that Product Infrastructure will update documentation and moving this to our backlog

For the anniversary I made some clueless edits in . The "Installation" section would welcome your review / corrections (install Proton and Restbase?). TIA.

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I guess so.