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Audit all ->delete calls
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To find LocalFile::delete

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DannyS712 created this task.
Just going to list repos that use LocalFile::delete

  • Core - FileDeleteForm::doDelete
  • Core - SpecialMovepage::doSubmit (maybe, need to trace)
  • Core - deleteBatch::execute (maybe, need to trace)
  • WebDAV - WebDAVFileFile::delete (maybe, need to trace)
  • DeleteBatch - DeleteBatchForm::deletePage
  • FileImporter - ImporterTest::tearDown
  • GraphViz - GraphViz::deleteArticleUploadedFiles, ::deleteFiles (maybe, need to trace)

Looked through that entire codesearch

Also, extended by:

  • ForeignDBFile
  • OldLocalFile
  • NSFileRepo's NSLocalFile
  • NSFileRepo's NSOldLocalFile (via OldLocalFile)
  • GraphViz's UploadLocalFile

Haven't found any more