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MediaWiki:Enotif body: Replace named Parameter
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The system message Enotif body is the only message (I found) with named parameter.

This breaks the use of {{int:}}, because the parser function can only handle numeric parameter.

Please replace the named Parameter from Enotif body by numeric parameter, or let {{int:}} work with that. Thanks.



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Robin, is this something you are interested in getting resolved? Niklas comments: Tried to fix this, but there is annoying lego thingie going here. Keeping BC is not needed. Needs concentration and carefulness.

Sure, I can try to fix this, but I was wondering what the use case is of {{int:enotif_body}}.. It seems rather email-specific. Maybe for user talk pages?

There's also 'enotif_subject' with named parameters, in the same function.

Also, are named parameters not something we want? I think they're better than numbers, so maybe we could adapt the parser to allow named parameters?

Reedy added a comment.Jan 3 2012, 5:17 PM

See r99942

Is this fixed?

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6 years past and nothing happened? This actually blocks GENDER support of this message (T145562)