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wrap rights on GlobalGroupPermissions into a CSS class
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Please wrap the right (for example '(edit)') into a class. Then
users can add own style. Thanks.

(see also bug 20014)

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Severity: enhancement



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Added class for SpecialGlobalGroupPermissions

What page are you talking about?
Special:GlobalGroupPermissions? The attached patch would add a new message parameter for that (note that $2 is used for links in the message and thus cannot get the class added to itself).


Yes, it is [[Special:GlobalGroupPermissions]]. Thanks for the hint.

Shouldn't this be done with some clever $wgOut->wrapWikiMsg()?

Can you use wrapWikiMsg here?

Note that the <li> are being added by (and it does seem right to do so without adding the * to the message). How would you perform it with wrapWikiMsg?
Also note that wrapWikiMsg uses parse, not parseinline.

You don't need a class to style it.

.page-Special_GlobalGroupPermissions fieldset li {

(In reply to comment #5)

You don't need a class to style it.
.page-Special_GlobalGroupPermissions fieldset li {

That is wrong. I have to use the following and that per user right on [[Special:GlobalGroupPermissions]]

.page-Special_GlobalGroupPermissions_API_High_Limit_Requestor fieldset li label tt {

sumanah wrote:

Victor, could you take a look at this patch? Thanks.

sumanah wrote:

Platonides, can I ask you to submit this patch into Gerrit (with any updates as needed)? Thanks.

Turns out it has been commited since r66665 (May 2010)