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Reverse AddressChange relation
Closed, ResolvedPublic


  • Invert the Donation->AddressChange and Membership->AddressChange relations:
      • Add the table AddressChangeAssociation entity with the fields entityType ENUM('Donation', 'Membership') and entityId. Create a new Doctrine Migration file for that. The migration should also convert the existing AddressChange records.
    • Remove automatic Address change generation from donation and membership repositories. Instead, modify the FunFunFactory to add a [[ | Doctrine event listener for the postPersist event of the Doctrine Entities Donation and Membership ]] that inserts AddressChange and AddressChangeAssociation entity.
    • Clean up the address change route E2E tests in FundraisingFrontend
    • Adapt the queries in the ExportQueryBuilder classes in the FOC.
  • Apply the migrations to the test and production database and update the code accordingly.