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Design diff *of* Jade entity pages
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This task is concerned with how Jade entity pages will appear within Special:Diff.

One of the issues identified is that seeing the diff of a Jade page that itself contains a diff is confusing for users.

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Halfak created this task.Mar 16 2020, 3:28 PM

For dealing with the double-diff view problem, I propose:

In this mock, we can see that the diff on the Jade page is hidden behind a semi-transparent div. There is a button saying "show full diff" that a user can click to see the expanded diff.


for the expanded diff after clicking the button.

We should load this shaded version of the diff on all non-current versions of the Jade page. E.g.

OK so now we need to know how the difference of Jade pages should look. I've made a mock of how all of the actions should look.

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