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No red link in search results on MinervaNeue
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When there is no exact match, desktop skins all show a line above the results with a red link to create the article. This is deliberately hidden on Minerva, meaning no convenient way to create an article. I don’t know why it’s there (and Git history doesn’t help, either), but if there’s a good reason, it should be noted in the code as a comment, and there should be another convenient, intuitive way to create new articles on mobile. I highlighted the line in question with red background on the below Vector screenshot and put Minerva next to it for comparison:

Event Timeline

It originally had FIXME:

// FIXME: Revisit when search input is not in a table
#search {
	display: none;

That note was removed in gerrit:330354

Thanks, now I found this comment introduced in b8388383ebbd by @Jdlrobson. Yes, there was a table on the search page that time, but it’s no longer the case. So is it time to finally show the red link?