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Audit all ->doDeleteArticleReal calls
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For WikiPage: signature needs to be changes
For Article: Needs to be wikipage

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  • Core
    • FileDeleteForm: WikiPage
    • MovePage: WikiPage
    • ApiDelete: Page (will be clarified as part of T239975)
    • Article: Direct calls to WikiPage methods
    • WikiPage: WikiPage
    • SpecialMovePage: WikiPage
    • EditPageTest: WikiPage (all)
    • TemplateCategoriesTest: WikiPage
    • ApiQueryRecentChangesIntegrationTest: WikiPage
    • ApiQueryWatchlistIntegrationTest: WikiPage
    • PageArchiveTestBase: WikiPage
    • WikiPageDbTestBase: WikiPage (all)


  • SpecialManageTranslatorSandbox: WikiPage
  • TranslateDeleteJob: WikiPage

@Nikerabbit heads up that Nikerabbit / mediawiki-extensions-Termbank has 2 calls to WikiPage::doDeleteArticleReal that will need to be updated to pass a user

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BlueSpiceSocialProfile: Handler - WikiPage
CirrusSearch: deleteBrowserTestPages - WikiPage
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Jade: CleanJudgmentLinksTest - WikiPage
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