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Revision links should not be hidden for non-admins in RevDelete delete log entries
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The links to "view diff | change visibility" in the delete log are only shown to those who can click through to view the diff (admins, oversighters).

There's a problem with hiding the diff links for non-admins, namely that in many cases the non-admin _can_ see some of all of the relevant diff, or may wish to know which diff it was even if they can't view the content. Non-linking means the end user cannot do so.

For example:

This delete log shows two revisions deleted. The user is not linked to them and cannot tell which two revisions are meant. But in fact if they were linked to the revision they could view some or all of it The fields they can't view will be greyed or struck out, or (for content) they will get a message saying they cannot view it.

Can we change RevDelete slightly so that the diff links are always shown?

The effect would be that anyone can identify which diffs are referenced (because link diffs are available) and click through from the log to the revision. Any fields they cannot see will either be greyed out, or they will get a message saying they cannot view the content or diff.

That seems a much more elegant way to do it.

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