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Add popup that introduces users to the resolution suggestion
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Show popup to inform users about the new interface to resolve talk page conflicts when two users added a comment at the same place.


Info icon location

Pop-up high res files

Title: Conflicting Posts

Body: Unfortunately, someone else posted at the same time as you. Please review the comments on the next page. If needed, you can edit yours and change the final order.

Button: Resolve issue

Title: Gleichzeitige Kommentare

Body: Leider hat jemand anderes zur gleichen Zeit wie du gepostet. Lies dir bitte die Kommentare auf der nächsten Seite durch. Falls nötig, kannst du deine Bearbeitungen und die endgültige Reihenfolge ändern.

Button: Problem lösen

The ticket does include

  • When the user is getting into that edit conflict for talk pages for the first time, they will be shown a popup explaining the circumstances and how to deal with them (similar to the regular edit conflict).
  • This popup to be disabled for future scenarios automatically
  • Adding an info icon on the interface where the popup can be shown again


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After splitting that up from T230231: Allow resolution suggestions of edit conflicts on talk pages I have two questions @Erdinc_Ciftci_WMDE @Hanna_Petruschat_WMDE. And sorry if I'm asking things I should know already ^^'

  • The text states, that the popup can be disabled. Does that mean, that the popup should behave differently than for the "normal" UI? There it only shows up once when the user sees it for the first time.
  • Can the popup be triggered again by clicking a/the question icon ( like it is done on the "normal" UI)? Would be nice to have that icon in the mock. But we could also just position it "like" in the "normal" UI.
  • The text and potential image for the popup are still WIP I guess. Please add them here if they are done.
ecohen added a subscriber: ecohen.Wed, Mar 18, 12:39 PM

I am not seeing any current designs on this in the figma file, @Erdinc_Ciftci_WMDE correct me if I'm wrong or this is located elsewhere.

To answer your questions, I think it should mimic the pattern already being used for the 2ColConflict page:

  1. Yes, it should be able to be disabled so it only shows up the first time. I believe this is already happening on the 2Col page.
  1. Yes, it should be able to be triggered with a help icon. This should again match. It is an information icon, I'll add a screenshot here of the existing design on the 2Col page. I'm currently not seeing this in the talk page mocks, so I'll discuss with Erdi to make sure it gets added.
  1. Yes it seems they need to be created, but I can prioritize getting these to you if this is a next step in the sprint. When would you need the final design and wording in order to not be slowed down by this?

Cool. So it behaves like in the "normal" UI. I think for the design we can mainly copy what we're doing there (see below). Same goes for the info icon I guess.

We would just need the text. And the image.

Ideally the image is a svg file but I just realized that we're currently using png files [1]. The image should come in two versions. One version for Left to Right languages ( see [1] ) and on for Right to Left ( see [2] ). ( I'm not sure if just having it mirrored there makes total sense. The flash looks a bit weird in RTL ^^' ).


P.S.: Maybe there's a svg version of that image around anywhere....

Change 582059 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew-WMDE; owner: Andrew-WMDE):
[mediawiki/extensions/TwoColConflict@master] [WIP] Add a tour that introduces users to the new "suggested resolution" flow

@WMDE-Fisch Will this automatically be disabled after the first view with cookies or should we include a checkbox which says "Never show this again."

I think for the main edit conflict pop-up there is no checkbox so we should make a consistent choice.

For the Pop-Up design, we would like to get some input on the wording. I've just created a document showing the existing Pop-up and wording with the new design and our propositions. Any input is appreciated:

ecohen updated the task description. (Show Details)Fri, Mar 27, 9:33 AM

I added my two cents to the wording

I just realized that we have two slightly different designs here for the talk page:


the different parts of the conflict are all aligned on the left side.

In this logo for the popup the two parts you can interact with are indented. ( And by accident that's also what I implemented for the dragable UI )

So what do we want to use? @ecohen @Erdinc_Ciftci_WMDE :-)

Oh I see - the indent in the diagram must be leftovers from previous designs? (Not sure since I wasn't here)

The two versions that you posted are correct from what I know. The top is the standard use case and the bottom is the no-JS use case.

Can you include a screen shot of the what the current dragable UI looks like?

The current work in progress implementation looks like this:

But it's just minor changes to the Html/CSS if we would need to implement the "aligned" content boxes from the two upper mocks.

ecohen updated the task description. (Show Details)Tue, Mar 31, 2:28 PM

Updated the task description with all the updated files and wording needed to complete this. Let me know if I should upload a png at specific pixel size.

Thanks for the screenshot @WMDE-Fisch Yes, I would align the boxes re the mocks if it's not major at this point.

Also, I think it was mentioned a couple times before - but I think this is enough direction for the users. I do not think any walkthrough / guiders are needed on the talk pages. The resolution and UI is much more straightforward.

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