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Spaces request for "Technical Wishes Private"
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Desired space name: "Technical Wishes Private"

Internal tasks for the WMDE Technical Wishes Project, which should default to being hidden from the public.
The first use of this project will be to hide our agile retrospective followup items. These are mostly irrelevant to anyone outside of our team, and sometimes concern confidential personnel subjects, for example. Defaulting to private gives us more freedom when writing the tasks, and we can always share specific tasks with the public in the future.

Initial membership (all can be project admins if that's a thing):

Contact / lead: @Tobi_WMDE_SW

ACL project could be named, "acl*technical-wishes".

Event Timeline

@Tobi_WMDE_SW Maybe you can help nudge this forward?

Is "acl" for "access control list", meaning access is limited to a list of users?

Is "acl" for "access control list", meaning access is limited to a list of users?

Exactly, we're going to restrict read and write access to these retro items, to just our (extended) team. We might use this for other sensitive tasks in the future.

Without an ACL (historically using this custom naming convention, I guess), it's hard to create secure tasks, and easy to leave people off the list, add people incorrectly, etc.

Pinging @Aklapper as it seems this is a bit stuck and I'm unsure about what the desired process is for this and who's in charge of it.

...while I'm wondering why Phab and its H9 did not initially subscribe me on this task. Meh. I'm very sorry! Going to look into this.

S20 (called "WMDE-Technical-Wishes-Private") has been created.

Notes for anyone to use this Space:

  • @Tobi_WMDE_SW can add/remove users (who can create and access tasks in S20) via editing the members of #acl*WMDE-Technical-Wishes-Private_policy_admins. Also note that Phabricator admins could also add themselves (this is a fallback for when a team lead has left; we had that situation); if you watched the #acl*WMDE-Technical-Wishes-Private_policy_admins project you would get a notification about such an action.
  • Please do see Displaying and using a Space for more information. For example, a Space is not a project and hence a Space itself does not have a workboard.
  • To create non-public tasks in this Space, use this task creation form: You must set Visible To: Space S20: WMDE-Technical-Wishes-Private to create private tasks only accessible to members of S20 and nobody else, before pressing the Create New Task button.

Notes for myself and anyone technically interested: