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Tried to set up MediaWiki Docker on local machine for Selenium tests
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In order to perform my microtask referenced Micro task: Run Selenium tests on your machine, I tried to set up MediaWiki Docker locally

Following the guide on how to set up MediaWiki, I ran all the commands as directed initially
However while trying to connect to the mysql database run as a container, Im facing an issue

Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 11.16.51 PM.png (1×2 px, 470 KB)

OS: OSX Mojave
Docker Version: 19.03.5

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@AlQaholic007 please provide terminal output of all the commands you've done. Why are you trying to connect to the database?

@zeljkofilipin let me provide a screenshot...actually the connection to the database was given as a step to setup MediaWiki docker so i think they had a command there to run a mysql container during setup

@AlQaholic007 please try the official environment. The documentation is in in the core repo.

Thanks @kostajh, I I didn't notice @AlQaholic007 is not following the official instructions. Please follow the link in the micro-task T248016.

@kostajh @zeljkofilipin, I was successfully able to install MediaWiki and run all selenium tests successfully. Thank you