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Please decom reading-wmf mailing list
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We've moved our emails to other mailing lists. Would you please decom the reading-wmf mailman mailing list?


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@Quiddity noted that archival would be appreciated. I'm not familiar with how that works. Can anyone speak to it? This is an internal mailing list and while it's fine if WMF people can read its contents, I want to ensure that stale mailman accounts aren't able to access it - I would like to avoid having to groom the list membership.

For context: I do not expect that any new addresses will ever need to subscribe to the archived-list. I mainly want to confirm that the archives will be available indefinitely (partially because burning archives is inherently bad!), in the hopes that future versions of Mailman will make it easy to search archives like this, for anyone in the future who is trying to find related information that is stored within.
IIUC, the standard disable process should be fine.

I agree. Institutional memory is good. What I'd like to do additionally is ensure that people's old passwords don't work beyond their end date of employment for an internal archive like this. Is there an automated way to treat that? If not, what other workarounds might reduce the need to audit list membership regularly?

@dr0ptp4kt: Only thing I could imagine in Mailman is auto-unsubscribe due to recognizing bounces to an email address (not sure what's the threshold / config for that though). Can also imagine this to be a feature to add to SRE's offboarding script. IMHO worth a separate ticket to discuss.

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Mailing list disabled and removed previous admins.

[fermium] ~ $ sudo disable_list reading-wmf
reading-wmf disabled. Archives should be available at current location, all mail should be moderated and the list should not be on the listinfo page.

Please double check everything is correct before resolving this task.

Thanks @Volans. @Quiddity look correct to you? I'll also for good measure attempt login with the admin password, just don't have it at hand right now.

@Aklapper do you think I should file a new task here re: offboarding process for deletion of users in privileged domains?

@dr0ptp4kt: I'd say yes. In the best case it'll get implemented, in the worst case you spent 5min and it gets declined. ;)

Looks good to me. Thanks all :)

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Thanks all, resolving. Feel free to follow up for the off-boarding part separately.