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Scale: ability to deploy without help desk and mentorship features
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The Growth team feature set contains features that require experienced users to participate: the help panel and the mentorship module. As we scale Growth features to 100 wikis, we know that we will encounter wikis who do not have active help desks and mentors. Some of those wikis will need time to develop those things, and some will never develop them.

We want to be able to deploy, to a given wiki, all the Growth features that do not require those things, and be able to separately deploy the remaining features when ready. Those separate features are:

  • The "question-asking" capability in the help panel. Without this capability, the help panel should only contain the helpful links and the search.
  • The mentorship module on the homepage.

This may already be possible, and engineers can comment on this task to indicate it.

Perhaps a good thing to think about (in relation to T246939), is whether wikis could turn on those remaining features just by slotting a help desk page or a mentor list page into an on-wiki config, so that the Growth team doesn't have to actively deploy the remaining features later.