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maintenance/populateContentModel.php not using slots
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. set a content model in $wgNamespaceContentModels[NS]['content_model']
  2. run maintenance/populateContentModel.php -- ns=NS for archive and revision

Actual Results:

  1. go on a page in that namespace in the wiki, no page is using the set content model.

When browsing the code in populateContentModel.php, it seems it's only updateing the revision (or archive) table but that seems to be a deprecated way of specifying the content_model. In recent versions, this has been moved to the content table.

Expected Results:

  1. all pages in that namespace should be using the configured content model.

I actually encountered the error while moving flow talk pages from one namespace to another. For some reason, all content_models were reset to wikitext. In trying to fix the issue by calling the maintenance script, I noticed it had no effect. I then used SpecialChangeContentModel to fix the issue page by page.