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New certificate for Breianne B
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Hi @Dwisehaupt, Breianne at Engage is working remotely and needs to set up a new certificate for a different computer. Could you provide one to her? Her details are on the contact list. Thank you!

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Hi @LeanneS, will she still need to use the other computer in the future? If I create her a new certificate, it will invalidate the old.

As the certificate is tied to a user and not to a machine, she can use the one issued earlier this year and install it on the new machine. If she doesn't have it around, I may be able to provide it for her.

Please let me know if you still want me to issue a new certificate.

@Dwisehaupt She likely will use the other computer once she is able to return to her office. That's good to know! I'll ask her to install the one already issued to her and let you know if she has any issues or doesn't have it.

@LeanneS I just wanted to check back in and verify that Brianne was able to use her existing cert. If so, we can close out this request. Thanks.

@Dwisehaupt She is all set with her current certificate. Thanks!

Dwisehaupt moved this task from Up Next to Done on the fundraising-tech-ops board.

Thanks. Closing this up.