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entitysources: Directly create entitySources config for beta cluster sites
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"entitySource" configuration setting is the default way of defining what wikis provides which entity types.
Legacy "repositories" setting is going to be removed after all its uses are adjusted to use a dedicated setting.

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One notable thing that did change with the deployment of this config (the repo bit) was the result of the wbsearchentities api which now lists "wikidata" as the "repository" instead of local always.

"searchinfo": {
"search": "F"
"search": [
"id": "Q524027",
"title": "Q524027",
"pageid": 761106,
"repository": "wikidata",
"url": "",
"concepturi": "",
"label": "female",
"description": "human who is female (use with P21)",
"match": {
"type": "label",
"language": "en",
"text": "female"

This shouldn't cause any issues

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