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Add new donation statistics procedure to donation handling instructions
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In addition to setting up a document for handling the donation statistics and backfilling it with 2020 data we also have to add filling in the data to the monthly/weekly(?) instructions for handling donations.

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I have now added these instructions to the Drive document "Organisationsassistentens arbetsuppgifter" and to the Wiki:

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@Jenny_Brandt_WMSE Is there a detailed instruction document for how to handle donations or is this only a part of "Organisationsassistentens arbetsupgifter" document?

Has the benevity section been added as well?

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Looks like it's done (see above)

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I will have a look at it again to see that the instructions are clear. The benevity report is still a work in progress, I will need to check with Evelina to understand how they changed the download into the correct format.

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