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[Sofa] [[MediaWiki:Sofa-desc/qqq]] translation issue
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A translator wondered what is the Sofa extension about at . We couldn't find documentation at, and I cannot even find a tag for it here on Phabricator.

I hope that @Bawolff will be able to take care of this :)


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Note, this is like a half-done crazy extension idea. There's probably not much point in translating it at this stage.

I responded on the ticket, but honestly, I would suggest disabling translations for it, until some future time where the extension actually does something. I'm not actively working on it at the moment, so it may be a while (if ever) that it becomes a usable extension.

For reference, its an experimental idea of making an extension similar to DPL/SMW/Cargo (e.g. User defined query capabilities to generate reports), but have the data model be more like CouchDB.

Assuming this is about some extension somewhere. (Please add tags. :)

Assuming this is about some extension somewhere. (Please add tags. :)

Indeed, but see the description: I couldn't find a tag :)

There is no phab project for Sofa (nor do i think it really makes sense to create one for my hack side project that doesn't even work yet)

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