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"What links here" does not match "File usage" for a file
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See the screenshot below. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot or replicate this issue. If someone gives me direction, I may be able to provide more info. I just stumbled upon a file page where the "What links here" did not match the "File usage" and I would expect them to match.

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"File usage" only lists pages that embed the file directly on-page ([[File:Example.png]]); "What links here" also lists all pages that link to the file's description page ([[:File:Example.png]]). I've always thought the messaging in the "File usage" section was misleading.

I guess it ought to say "No pages include this file. See files that link to this page." Where files that link to this page is a link to the relevant Special:WhatLinksHere page?

You can modify the message via MediaWiki:Linkstoimage (for files that are used on at least one page) and MediaWiki:Nolinkstoimage (for files that are unused). I've modified both of these on a couple of the wikis I am/was an administrator on, see examples on Yugipedia: MediaWiki:Linkstoimage, MediaWiki:Nolinkstoimage.

Thanks for that info, but I think this is generically/universally wrong and the wording should be fixed. Can you point me to where I'd submit a patch for this wording?

Possibly TranslateWiki, but honestly I'm the wrong person to ask.