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Discuss removing older activity data with stakeholders
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Almost all the activity data relates to 5 activity types.

Contact Merged841722571717%
Contact Deleted by Merge871721536117%

Of these:
Contribution - I’m doubtful about the value of having activities as well as the actual contributions
Email - we don’t know what the impact is of clearing out the email text per Elliott’s suggestion - we could experiment. It may be a lot or it might be the indexed fields doing the chewing
Contact Deleted by Merge - we would remove these in equal numbers to the contacts we delete in 2b). I wouldn’t advocate deleting these more than aggressively than that
Contact merged - we could consider removing these activities as they relate to contacts from 2b but I would not be rushing to do that.
Unsubscribe- I think we want to keep this activity type unculled