Wikitech interwiki link uses https:, but the wikitech https: page isn't properly certified
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Author: manishsmail

See [[Wikipedia:Village_pump_(technical)#wikitech_bad_certificate]]
The wikitech: interwiki link points a user to [], which is self-certified, giving errors on chrome and IE (Please test other browsers). The http: version [] works fine.

To reproduce:

  1. Open any language wikipedia.
  2. type "wikitech:" (without quotes) in search bar and press go
  3. You should get a security error

I checked out the certificate, and it seems like wikitech issues itself a certificate, without being a Certificate Authority (CA)

To fix:
*Either get wikitech certified (this is a WMF issue)
*Or fix the interwiki mechanism so that it points to

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Severity: normal


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jeluf wrote:

Updated the interwiki cache to use the newest config from Meta.

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