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Europeana Generic services proposal, short write-up
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Purpose of this task:
Support @Jopparn to come to a decision on whether Wikimedia Sverige will attempt to join in a Europeana Generic Services project proposal or not. More info about the call and Europeana's priorities,

What I will specifically do:
Create a 2-3 page write-up of what we could contribute with (hint: something roundtrippy) in a project proposal. Include suggestions of possible consortium leads and partners to contact should we decide to pursue this further. This will provide the basis for a discussion and decision on whether to pursue this possibility or not.

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@Jopparn Brief ready for your review and discussion.

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Spoke with John today, will get in touch with some old Europeana Network friends and learn more.

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Have contacted Europeana, Netherlands Sounds and Vision, and German Digital Library.