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ZppixBot Wiki Upgrade - 10:15 BST 2020-04-01
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ZppixBotWiki will be temporarily read-only for a MediaWiki & Extensions upgrade.

3rd April 2020 - 10:15PM (London Time)
3rd April 2020 - 11PM (London Time)

The wiki will be read only throughout the upgrade. It may go down for small periods.

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RhinosF1 triaged this task as High priority.
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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-04-03T21:15:54Z] <RhinosF1> START - MediaWiki Upgrade - T249368

FYI: Wiki is offline as due to a merge conflict, a few things are playing up causing 5xx's

But we need to fix the extensions still being on a very old mediawiki branch. Will do next week.