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Publicize Replying v1.0 at
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Resolving T249376 will make Replying v1.0 available to people at via a query string paramter.

This task is about making people at aware they now have the ability to try version 1.0 of the new Replying feature.

Places to post

A non-exhaustive list of ideas of where to publicize this news...

Post contents

A non-exhaustive list of the information we would like to communicate in this post...

  • What steps to take to try version 1.0 of the new Replying feature
  • What kinds of feedback we are seeking (e.g. content corruption) + any outstanding instances we are investigating
  • Where people can report their feedback
  • Where they can learn more about the feature and the project as a whole
  • Where we have and have not tested the tool


  • Announcements have been posted containing the "Post contents" above in places where relevant people at are likely to see it

Event Timeline

~~T249376 is scheduled to land later today.

T249376 is no longer scheduled to land today (see below). This means, publicizing this functionality being available is also delayed until the following happen:

  1. The functionality is live on
  2. The Editing-team has QA'd the feature on

wmf.30 was rolled back due to T251457, so I cancelled this as well.

This task is blocked on T252255.

Reason: we do not want to deploy the feature more widely until we, as a team, have a common understanding of the requirements that need to be met for this happens.