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Run cleanupTitles.php and cleanupImages.php sitewide
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r56918 was deployed, causing entries containing those space characters to become "magically invisible".
See for instance

Looks like on September cleanupTitles.php was run after that revision, and indeed seems to have worked for other wikis (eg. it's unlikely that enwiki didn't have any nbsp-ed title) but at least for eswiki it didn't correctly process the titles.
So a global pass seems advisable.

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eswiki does not seem to have any issues at the moment.

The linked title is not reachable with normal linking. [[:es:J. R. R. Tolkien]] goes to [[es:J. R. R. Tolkien]]

Direct link:

Compare in hex:
4a 2e c2 20 52 2e c2 20 52 2e c2 20 54 6f 6c 6b 69 65 6e
4a 2e 20 52 2e 20 52 2e 20 54 6f 6c 6b 69 65 6e

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CleanupImages has run across the cluster

CleanupTitles is at 94% on enwiki