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Write a Vue.js search project report
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The project is over and it's time to share what we've learned. This (currently skeletal) task encompasses the work the work to aggregate the project findings either in this task's description or on wiki.

Acceptance criteria

  • The report includes a short and easily understood privacy policy so that participants feel informed and comfortable being honest.
  • The report includes client and server side error counts.
  • The report includes the aggregated results of the developer satisfaction survey. This section should identify common themes.
  • The report includes recommendations for next steps for adoption of the Vue.js toolchain.
  • The report includes recommendations on reusability, developer productivity, internationalization, accessibility, styling and design, testing, instrumentation, performance.
  • If any developers new to MediaWiki or focused on third-party use cases are involved, their perspectives are highlighted.
  • If any developers from WMDE are involved, their perspectives are highlighted.
  • The Web release timeline is updated with relevant highlights.
  • The reported is broadly communicated.
  • Documentation on and is up to date.

Open questions

  • Where should this live? Can it be shared publicly on wiki or a blog post? Would participants feel more comfortable if the audience was limited to an email initially?

Event Timeline

@Niedzielski: Which "project" is this about, and could you add that project to the task summary please? Thanks. (I guess that the Vue.js project itself is not over. ;)

@Aklapper, thanks for the advisement! I will make the update but can you tell me how it's best to title these tasks? Should I add something like "[Vue.js search]" to all children of T244392?

Thanks. I guess it would help me and others if Vue.js had a better project description than "Tracking for Vue.js related work" (which sounds rather long-term to me), so I'm still wondering what exactly "the project" is in the sentence "The project is over". :)
So if I get you right this is something like "Write a project report for Vue.js powered search" or something?

Niedzielski renamed this task from Write a project report to Write a project Vue.js search report.Apr 5 2020, 4:20 PM
Niedzielski renamed this task from Write a project Vue.js search report to Write a Vue.js search project report.Apr 5 2020, 4:25 PM

“Documentation on and is up to date.” seems not fitting here. Important but not connected to report.

@Volker_E, I was thinking that this would be our last opportunity to make sure everything we had published was up to date and complete before the project wrapped up and that the project report would likely contain numerous references to that documentation.

ovasileva triaged this task as High priority.

Written and sent to the vue team.