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Story idea for Blog: Social media traffic report pilot
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Please provide the following information.

  • Provide a short summary of your proposed post for the Wikimedia Technical Blog: The blog post will announce the launch of the social media traffic report pilot on English Wikipedia (project page, report page) and describe the motivation behind the project, and let people know how they can get involved.
  • What audience or audiences do you think your post is appropriate for: researchers, tool developers, editors
  • Will you need assistance with writing your blog post? No
  • Does your post need to be published by a certain date? 4/17
  • Do you have any other questions or comments?

Once your request is received, a technical blog admin will review it and reach out to you through Phabricator.

Event Timeline

@Capt_Swing This sounds like a great idea for a post!

Can you let me know when you have the initial draft ready, and I can take a pass at reviewing it for publication?

(I'll note that it needs to go up on 4/17)

@Capt_Swing Hey hey, checking on your progress. If we want to post this on 4/17, we'll need a draft early next week for review.

@srodlund sorry I have a hard time noticing Phabricator pings. I can have you a draft on Wednesday. Is that good enough? If you need a timely response might be best to ping me on Slack, IRC, GChat, or email... ;)

@Capt_Swing Fair enough :-) Will ping you via email.

@srodlund sorry I have a hard time noticing Phabricator pings.

[offtopic] @Capt_Swing: Feel free to fix that - you can distinguish when you were explicitly mentioned in a Phab comment.