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Service pipeline fails if initiated by creating a tag
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service-pipeline-test-and-publish fails when it's initiated with creating a tag on change-propagation repo. It seems like it tries to post some comment to Gerrit, but fails to find the gerrit change-id, which is reasonable, since the pipeline build was initiated by creating a tag in the sources. Change-prop is developed on GitHub for now, so commits don't have Change-IDs.

Example build:

In case a comment to gerrit can't be left, pipeline should ignore it and still publish the artifacts.

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I have managed to workaround the problem by manually restarting Jenkins job and supplying some a change-id of some bogus unrelated changes I created.

See for logs.
See for the unrelated change.

That job has succeeded and has published the correct image.
It seems like inability to post a comment on gerrit breaks the pipeline sequence. I've verified, in my previous attempts the images were not really published to docker registry.