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Implement banner design for WMDEs occasional editor campaign
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For the upcoming occasional editors campaign we need to implement 3 banners.

Campaign start: May 13th 2020

Acceptance criteria

  • The banners are implemented as per design (see images below).
  • Clicking anywhere on the banners (not only on the button) leads users to the landing page.
  • Clicking on the closing x will close the banner
  • the banner will be shown on desktop, mobile and ipad
  • Banner interaction (closing and clicking) is logged along with the banner name and the number of banner impressions (see Schema:WMDEBannerInteractions).
Banner Page TitleBanner Headline (in capital letters)Banner TextButton TextTarget Link
B20WMDE_occeditors_spring_2020_1csDein Engagement für Wikipedia (in capital letters)Danke, deine Bearbeitungen verbessern Wikipedia! Du bist nicht alleine: Förderangebote für Autorinnen und Autoren wie dich!Her damit!
B20WMDE_occeditors_spring_2020_2ntDein Engagement für Wikipedia (in capital letters)Danke, deine Bearbeitungen verbessern Wikipedia! Du willst mehr: Spannende Aufgaben & persönliche Unterstützung genau für dich.Jetzt loslegen!
B20WMDE_occeditors_spring_2020_3allDein Engagement für Wikipedia (in capital letters)Danke, deine Bearbeitungen verbessern Wikipedia! Du bist nicht alleine: Förderangebote, Aufgaben & Unterstützung genau für dich.Her damit!

note: campaign start depends on banner implementation and testing, decision for or against mobile version depends on FUN resources

access to the production versions of the designs will be given to the person who is responsible for the task


Wikimedia_Illustration Header_Detail_Wikibooks.png (715×1 px, 314 KB)

Wikimedia_Illustration Header_Detail_Wikibooks_ohne Hintergrund.png (715×1 px, 135 KB)

Based on edit count and registration date of the user, the banners need to determine whether to display or not (see T249609: Set up Central Notice Campaign). Since this happens after Central Notice picked the campaign to display banners from, it makes most sense to create a hybrid banner that serves as banner 1 and 2 and programmatically change the tracking code. We'd need to log banner impressions using a custom schema to make sure we collect individual numbers distinguishing between devices as well as banner 1 and 2. We can use Schema:WMDEBannerInteractions to record banner impressions, but need a SWAT deployment because of the schema's changed revision ID.

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Verena updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Verena We actually don't need svg versions of the full banner designs, but mostly the "hacking person image" (ideally facing both left and right). We also need to know how the elements are laid out in viewport sizes between the defined breakpoints. And style definitions (such as font size, color codes, drop shadow) would also be a big help.

@kai.nissen Okay, I will provide the information as soon as possible.

Can you give me feedback in which sprint these tasks can be included? (time :) )

Banners can probably be delivered by April, 24th.

Verena updated the task description. (Show Details)

Great! I just updated the target links. If you can deliver different size versions we would like to track them. Does that have an impact on the estimated time? If yes, please let me know.

This doesn't increase development time significantly.

The illustrations have been added. As for the other information I just need the contact of who will implement the banners. He/she will get access to the agency's Zep.lin sharing account.

kai.nissen set the point value for this task to 5.Apr 21 2020, 12:02 PM