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Variant tests: mobile interaction entry point breakdown
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The analysis of user interactions with the suggested edits module in T238888 found that we did not have a significant difference between the two variants when it came to percentage of users who interacted with the module on mobile. In this analysis, we did not dig further into how users came to see the suggested edits module. There are two pathways if the module is initialized: 1) the user clicks on the suggested edits module itself, and 2) the user clicks on the Start module, scrolls to find the "See Suggested Edits" button, and clicks on said button.

We'd like to know what proportion of users take either of these pathways, as that can help decide whether to keep the Start module and/or modify the suggested edits module on the Homepage to show an article.

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@RHo & @MMiller_WMF : I filed this based on our discussion in the Variant Test slide deck. Feel free to edit the task description if my summary is incorrect.

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