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Missing information on the Engage Receipt
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The engage receipt doesn't have the "no goods or services were received for the donation" block text or a CNTCT summary at the bottom of it. Can it be added?

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More about the use case: the donor in cid=31594834 reached out to us in Zendesk because the TY email they received for their recent check donation did not have the "no goods or services" text, so they were unable to use it as an official receipt. This generates more manual work for Donor Services, and seems like it shouldn't be too much work to automate?

Also, just as a process point, are Engage TY emails considered a separate kind of TY email in Civi?

@LeanneS @NNichols @RLewis This text comes from a template in civi. Could you look into editing the copy?

@MBeat33 @DStrine This contribution was a DAF so the donor received the DAF TY that excludes tax info. For regular Engage gifts, they should receive the general automatic TY email.

Thank you for the info, @LeanneS

Do you know, are the DAF donations always marked as Payment Method=EFT in Civi? I'm wondering if there is a way to tell these Engage donations apart from check donations.

@MBeat33 Engage processes a variety of gift types that come in via EFT, mostly DAF and matching gifts. The best way to tell if it's a DAF is via the Gift Source field and it would be marked as Donor Advised Fund. For regular individual donations, they would mark the gift source as a community gift or benefactor gift.

I will close this task by end of day tomorrow, Tuesday (4/5)