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Superset: "Error while fetching database list"
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Split from T248905. (Cannot find a dedicated project for Superset.)

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Aklapper created this task.Apr 9 2020, 2:48 PM

We just tried it in FF and couldn't reproduce. Can you confirm with someone from your team that should have the same access, like @srishakatux?

Milimetric moved this task from Incoming to Radar on the Analytics board.Apr 13 2020, 3:32 PM

I am not able to log into anymore :( I believe I'm using the same credentials I use to log into Wikitech with username srishakatux.

hm, according to you should have access with your Wikitech username and being in the wmf group (which you probably are since I know you have access to, for example, Turnilo, right?). I looked and you don't have a username in Superset, so it seems that you never accessed it? @elukey: any ideas?

Ok so in I should have solved the problem that Andre was facing.

I also see the following:

AH01617: user srishakatux: authentication failure for "/": Password Mismatch, referer:

@srishakatux you should use your shell user name (that seems to be the one logged so all good) but the password seems wrong, is there any chance that you changed it or misremembering it? :(

Trying to recall..I don't think I have ever logged into superset or turnilo before. Anything else I can do to help reproduce the issue? :-/

Nuria added a subscriber: Nuria.Apr 17 2020, 3:12 AM

@srishakatux then you just need to be added to the ldap group that has access to private data, that's it

Nuria is right! Just checked and you are not in any LDAP group (wmf/nda). @srishakatux just added you to the wmf LDAP group, you should now be able to access. Please check to see what services you have access to, and be mindful with password strength etc.. :)

I am going to close this task as duplicate of T249923, please re-open if something is missing!

Aklapper edited projects, added Analytics-Radar; removed Analytics.Jun 10 2020, 6:43 AM