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Internet Explorer makes cursor jump around in edit window
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"when I edit, the line that is being typed in automatically jumps to the bottom of the edit box if all the text being edited takes up more space than the height of the box."

Roan thought he fixed this by disabling the iframe code, but something else seems to be going on as well.

This seems to be bothering all IE users (Beta or not).

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This seems to be bothering all IE users (Beta or not).

If this really is the case and happens to users that don't have any usability features, including Vector, enabled (please verify it), that would indicate the bug is not in UsabilityInitiative: I've just confirmed none of our JS is loaded in this case.

ayg wrote:

Looks like a duplicate to me. Syncing r62191 should fix it -- it has some problems that I've been meaning to look at (although I'm not sure I will in the end), but it should work.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 19334 ***