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Desktop Improvements opt-out takes multiple user actions and network roundtrips
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Opting out requires significant effort from the user.

The necessary steps
  1. Click (1) link on sidebar
  2. Network request: load "Preferences" ("User profile" tab)
  3. Network request: load "Appearance" tab
  4. Find "Skin preferences" section in the middle of the page (fixed in T248644)
  5. Click (2) the checkbox
  6. Find and click (3) "Save" button
  7. Network request: reload "Preferences"
  8. Return to wiki page:
    • Press back button (load "Appearance" tab), press back button again (load wiki page).
    • Or: enter page title in Search.
    • Or: click "Main Page"/other nav link in sidebar, assuming that's where the user came from.
  1. Can we load the "Appearance" tab in the first request?
  2. Scroll to (T248644) and/or highlighting the "Use Legacy Vector" option.
  3. Can we avoid page-load / a new history entry on "Save"?
  4. A "Return to the wiki page" button.
  5. A common and convenient solution is to change the preference immediately when clicking the opt-out link/button, without the journey through "Preferences". Should we consider taking that path?

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Jdlrobson subscribed.

The effort here is there by design. We ideally don't want people to opt-out, but we want to make sure they know it's possible.

Niote there is no network request for changing tabs in preferences, so this is only two network requests - one to get to preferences and one to hit save.