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"Type a project name..." placeholder is not self-explicative
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Description in "Projects" has "Type a project name..." as placeholder. This is not helpful for those who don't know what a "Project" is, for instance Wikimedia users will enter "Wikispecies" or "Latin Wikipedia".

Better use a couple examples: Phabricator could automatically use the first two most used projects, or it could be made configurable.



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qgil wrote on 2014-06-13 14:43:31 (UTC)

I have been advocating for the creation of basket/funnel projects like "Wikispecies", "Commons", etc in order to help users find a sensible recipient when they have no idea about software components. Tech ambassadors could be members of these projects and help adding the right software projects to the tasks filed.

Wikimedia users will enter "Wikispecies" or "Latin Wikipedia".

Only if such projects exist. If they exist, someone will be watching.

I think the current default is fine, but I could be wrong. We can wait and see what happens after Day 1, and act accordingly.

aklapper wrote on 2014-06-13 16:50:36 (UTC)

"Wikispecies", "Wikivoyage", "Commons" etc. is very similar to the request in (though that's not about a language level).

If it's considered helpful I'm way more open to this idea in Phabricator than in Bugzilla, simply because Phabricator allows umbrella projects and more than one project per task, while not cluttering the UI like in Bugzilla.

Nemo_bis wrote on 2014-06-15 09:10:49 (UTC)

Only if such projects exist. If they exist, someone will be watching.

If I create such a project I want project-specific stuff, not general issues valid for everyone. (Besides, are you saying a project gets created only if there's a default cc?)

"Type a project name" doesn't encourage reporters to think about where their issue is coming from. At least with "MediaWiki extensions", when I have a problem on Special:Nuke, I see a "Nuke" and I think it's only with Nuke, it's natural to select it and explain why I selected it. Even if I don't know all those obscure names of the hundreds components.

If I start typing "Wiki..." I'll get autocompletions like: Widgets; WikiArticleFeeds; WikiBhasha; WikiEditor; WikiForum; WikiHiero; WikiLexicalData/OmegaWiki; WikiLove; WikiScripts; WikiTextLoggedInOut; WikibaseDatabase; WikibaseQuery; WikibaseQueryEngine; Wikidata; WikidataClient; WikidataRepo; Wikilog; Wikimania Scholarships; WikimediaEvents; WikimediaIncubator; WikimediaMaintenance; WikimediaMessages; Wikimetrics; Wikipedia/Firefox OS; Wikipedia/Windows 8; Wikistats; Wiktionary/Android; wikibugs IRC bot; wikidiff2; wikitech-interface. Plus the actual "projects" specific to a Wikimedia project...

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IMHO we should rather investigate hacking a line "Here is the list of existing projects. Leave the field empty if unsure." into the task creation page, after we have migrated BZ and RT content. See T27.

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This doesn't seem to be an issue at all?

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In T250#948732, @Qgil wrote:

This doesn't seem to be an issue at all?