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Make user autocreating user page configurable
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  • CreateUserPage 1.2 (28947fb) 00:07, 29 October 2017

This extensions attributes the newly created user page to the user who's user page is being created.

This may not be wanted since the user actually did not create the page but a bot like mechanism provided by this extension. Moreover on a public wiki with self-service registration it may be unintended since it prevents cleaning up unused user accounts in an easy fashion (e.g. via removeUnusedAccounts.php).

Thus I think it should be possible to set a specific user to whom the edit is attributed like it is possible for the NewUserMessage extension or other extension creating content automatically.

As for a possible implementation: NewUserMessage allows to set this user via a system message, other extensions do this via a configuration parameter. In this case I would slightly favor the system message approach however I'd cheerfully also accept soemething like $wgCreateUserPage_AutoCreateUser. :) In any case the default behavior could stay the same as it is now.

Thanks for considering this enhancement.

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Change 588099 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cicalese; owner: Cicalese):
[mediawiki/extensions/CreateUserPage@master] Make user autocreating user page configurable

I had just finished implementing with a config variable, so if that's still ok, we'll keep it that way. Please test and make sure it works for you.

Wow! I believe this was faster than permitted by police. :)

I just tested this on <> and it works perfect. This is so cool. Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

Change 588099 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/CreateUserPage@master] Make user autocreating user page configurable

It was just good timing :-) I had just started working on it before you created the task. Thank you for testing! It is now merged and tagged as 2.0.

Kghbln assigned this task to cicalese.

Very much indeed! I updated the docu as a service and as part of my involvement here. Thanks again for your work!