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Draft Contributor Gaps Taxonomy
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Prepare the first draft of a contributor gaps taxonomy. This will likely be of a very similar structure to the readership gaps taxonomy (T242173).

Event Timeline

Weekly update: not started yet. First steps will be to start gathering survey data / literature review.

Weekly update: no progress.

Weekly update:
Gathered a bunch of relevant surveys:

Feedback from team:

  • Consider expanding more into to academic lit such as editor types, barriers, role of bots
  • Possible delineation to highlight -- contributors can be bots (developers), editors (users), and anonymous contributors
  • In barriers/solutions, we should comment availability (or lack of) tools like Visual Editor -- e.g.,

Weekly update:

  • Updated leafs of taxonomy with the relevant surveys
  • Began writing introduction to taxonomy

Weekly update:

  • Focused on starting description of methods for executive summary / final report.

Weekly update:

  • Added draft of sociodemographic gaps to taxonomy
  • Began going through surveys to identify trends -- e.g., median age of editors vs. country/world population
  • Updated missing Editor/Reader Survey categories to Meta to simplify the process of identifying these surveys in the future

Weekly update:

  • Full first draft completed and added to Overleaf! Will continue to iterate with the team on this for the rest of the quarter.

Resolving this task -- iteration will continue (just added the 2020 Community Insights survey!) but full draft is complete.