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Disambiguation pages aren't showing in Special:Disambiguations
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Author: tim

On 1.15.2, and I just noticed that pages with {{disambig}} aren't listed under Special:Disambiguations.

MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage is set correctly (Template:Disambig), so I cannot see where there is a configuration error... seems like a defect.

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: normal



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Note: Special:Disambiguations list pages containing links to disambiguation pages, not disambiguation pages themselves.

tim wrote:

*Ahem* oops... Right, that's what I meant.

After further research, it looks like the "error" is that Special:Disambiguations lists only the pages from the MAIN NAMESPACE.

Looking at SpecialDisambiguations.php, there's a comment that makes it seem like this was the intended behavior.

So I guess this is less of a bug and more of a "why"? Also, I could fix this on my wiki (if I wanted), but that may not help everyone else. But if there was a reason to include only the MAIN NS, then I guess this could just be closed as "by design."

Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

It could be made a config setting.

Or it could just rely on $wgContentNamespaces?

tim wrote:

MZMcBride seems to have the best idea...