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Provide "change visibility of selected revisions" equivalent buttons @ abuselog
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History has "change visibility of selected revisions" buttons, abuselog does not.

It is really time-wasting and tedious to...

  1. click "adjust visibility"
  2. Select a reason
  3. Click "Hide this entry from public view" @ F31756466
  4. Click submit
  5. Repeat this for X times

let's say I have 30 entries to hide (with the same reason), it means I have to click (1. click "adjust visib." 2. click reasons dropdown 3. click the actual reason 4. click "hide entry' button 5. click submit, go back to the list and repeat from 1 - each OSing means 5-6 clicks) 5*30=150 or 6*30=180 keystrokes. We already have a button to mass-hide on History, why not on AbuseLog?